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    Accessible education even in the remotest places

    Encouraging children to dare to dream

    Making the voice of young people heard

    Providing security for families fleeing war

    Helping youth leave criminal life behind


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    Quality education Latvia
    Zigmunds Freibergs & Diāna Freiberga alumni

    D&Z Projects

    Offering skills development training and supporting science outreach activities for young and emerging scientists in Latvia to encourage them in realizing their potential.

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    Quality education Latvia
    Kristīne Jacino alumni


    Educating children about food production and the nutritional value of products in order to interest them in engineering and encourage them to create a unique product or technology in the future.

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    Quality education Latvia
    Baiba Blomniece Jurāne alumni


    Offering balance platforms as an innovative and efficient tool for the focusing of attention, motivation, recalling of information, and boosting energy in work and learning process.

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    Quality education Latvia
    Mārtiņš Gulbis alumni


    Inspiring and exciting children to learn science and engineering through hands-on practice so they can become the scientists, engineers, inventors and innovators of tomorrow.

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    Reduced inequalities Lithuania
    Viktorija Gaspariunaite alumni

    Social Initiative

    Offering different methods to respond to the individual needs of mobile youth workers: group and individual consultations, community education, games, meetings with interesting people, hiking, cooking, etc.

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    Quality education Lithuania
    Asta Blažinskienė alumni


    Offering a complex and holistic approach and research-based methods and programs which help children to improve their academical, cognitive and social skills and also give the needed psychological and socio-emotional help.

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    Reduced inequalities Lithuania
    Simona Koncyte alumni

    Our Pocket Hero

    Producing and adapting special clothing for children who must carry medical devices, according to their needs, helping them to better integrate into society and enhance freedom of movement.

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    Reduced inequalities Lithuania
    Karolina Žernytė alumni

    Theatre of Senses

    Developing children's sensory world, concentration and links with their loved ones through the pleasure of playing.

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    Reduced inequalities Lithuania
    Rita Juškytė alumni

    Uniq Dance

    Offering dance lessons for children with special needs, that improve posture, physical and brain condition, sensomotoric and social skills.

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    Good health and well-being Estonia
    Edvard Ljulko alumni


    Providing children with tools to become more relaxed, focused, attentive, creative and self-aware - the fundamentals of self-leadership.

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    Quality education Latvia
    Elizabete Pavlovska alumni

    Ziedoņa klase

    Raising awareness of low literacy skills among schoolchildren, promoting interest in Latvian identity and culture, highlighting the importance and prestige of the teaching profession and supporting the development and growth of teachers.

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    Reduced inequalities Latvia
    Jaroslava Tomašēvica alumni

    Jauniešu rīts

    Providing support and assistance to orphans and young people without parental care through training, internships and job placements.

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